Vegan Bath Soaps made from certified organic Olive Oil and Shea Butter

Vegan Bath Soaps made from certified organic Olive Oil and Shea Butter


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A vegan bath soap made from certified organic olive oil and shea butter, and scented with natural essential oils. Our 4 ounce bars last about twice as long as most commercial bath bars.

Lemon Poppyseed - A blend of Lemon, Lemongrass, and Bergamot essential oils. I added organic poppy seeds for texture, and a sprinkle of turmeric for color

Cinnamon Oatmeal - The cozy fragrance of real Cinnamon Bark essential oil and fine ground organic oatmeal with a touch of Paprika for color. This soap is gently warming

Orange Chai - A blend of Chai Spice Organic Black Tea and Sweet Orange essential oil blend with Tumeric and Paprika to make this yummy smelling organic bath soap

Lavender Lemonade - New for the Summer of 2017! Certified organic essential oil sof refreshing Lemon and soothing Lavender are blended with real Lavender Flowers to make this bright and sunny summertime soap.

Basil and Lemongrass - New for the Summer of 2017! Sweet and spicy Thai Basil is blended with natural Lemongrass to make this refreshing, slightly anise scented summer bath soap

Lavender - The relaxing scent of Fine French Lavender essential oil is blended with Lavender buds to make this classic bath soap.

Gypsy Moon - One of our most popular fragrances, Gypsy Moon is a blend of Patchouli and Rose essential oils with just a hint of Cinnamon. These beautiful bath bars have just a touch of Paprika and Tumeric for color

Sandalwood - Back for a limited time only! Natural and renewable Australian Sandalwood oil is used to make this creamy bath soap

Rosemary - One of the maker's favorites! Essential oil of Rosemary with organic Rosemary leaves for extra exfoliation make this a bright and refreshing bath soap

Peppermint Oatmeal - Essential oil of real Peppermint and fine ground organic Oatmeal combine to make this cooling and refreshing bath soap.