Eight Seasons Resin Incense

Eight Seasons Resin Incense


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Resins are the oldest and most traditional form of incense. Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, herbs, essential oil, and wood bark are carefully blended in accordance with traditional recipes. These powders and resins must be gently roasted over a incense charcoal or hot surface.

The Eight Seasons Incenses

Samhain – October 31st – All hallows eve. This is the beginning and end of the Celtic year. This is a time for introspection and contemplation.

Yule – December 21st – Winter Solstice The longest night of the year is celebrated with the holly and the ivy, with food, fire, and family to welcome the strengthening Sun.

Imbolc – February 1, Bridgets Feast and Candlemas – A time of lighting candles and feasting as the first hints of Spring begin to take the icy depths of Winter

Oestara – March 21st, The Vernal Equinox – This is the first day of spring, a time of equal day and night. Oestara is a time of baby animals, colorful eggs, and shaking off the cold.

Beltane – May 1st – May Day! – Beltane is a riotous fertility festival of Maypole Dances, jumping the Belfires, courtship, love, and feasting.

Litha – June 21st – The Summer Solstice – The long, hot days of summer are finally upon us. This is a time of music and easy laughter to welcome the longest day of the year.

Lughnasadah – August 1st – The first Harvest – The feast of the Bull and the Barley, the Corn King and the Shadow Woman. It is time to reap what we have sewn.

Mabon – September 21st- The Autumnal Equinox – The Second and Greatest Harvest