Blessings Blends Resin Incense

Blessings Blends Resin Incense


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Resins are the oldest and most traditional form of incense. Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, herbs, essential oil, and wood bark are carefully blended in accordance with traditional recipes. These powders and resins must be gently roasted over a incense charcoal or hot surface.

Blessings Resin Incense is a spiritual collectionand are packaged as 4 ounce individual fragrances for 15.00 each, or a sampler of eight 1 ounce bags for 25.

Fragrances include:

Happy Home - A warming incense with fragrant note of Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Spices. Burn this incense for rituals concerning family and hearth.

Lotus Crystal – This complex compounded incense has its roots in traditional Eastern incense making practice. Use for Yoga, meditation, and enlightened thinking.

Prosperity – An incense to clear the way for prosperity and abundance to flow.

Clearing – Similar to a Curse Breaker or Uncrossing Incense, Clearing helps move old
energies and emotions to give the worker a clean slate.

Loves Blessing – A bright, floral incense burned to enliven feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This incense is often used during weddings or to renew vows.

Archangel – This incense is used for meditation and prayer to contact Guardian Angels, or to honor specific Archangels.

Protection- A powerful, bittersweet incense used to deflect curses and negative energy

Divination- Used for Tarot, I Ching, Dreamwork, or to open the inner eye and allow one’s natural intuition and higher wisdom to flow.